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NDS Signature Lotion (Green Tea+Lavender) 4 oz

A smoothing texture with the light hints of Green Tea and Lavender; formulated with care, to moisturize your hands and feet. It�s A TREAT just for you.


Ingredients: Macadamia Oil, Lavandula Flower Extract, Aloe Leaf Juice and Camellia Leaf Extract.

NDS Signature Lotion (Green Tea+Lavender) 4 oz $10.00

YonKa Nettoyant Crème 6.8 oz

Key Ingredients:YonKa Nettoyant Creme is an ideal cream cleanser for over-reacting and sensitive complexions. YonKa Nettoyant Creme soothes irritations and controls skin reddening. It thoroughly lifts away heavy textured make-up base.


Major active ingredients & Actions: Peppermint derivative - calms inflammations, smoothes, refreshes (via capillary constriction). Palm tree derivative - emulsifies impurities to deep cleanse. Lavender aromatic essence - soothes irritations. Fatty acids: lauric, stearic, myristic - deep cleanses, emulsifies.

YonKa Nettoyant Crème 6.8 oz $35.00



YonKa Lait Nettoyant 6.8 oz

Key Benefits: YonKa Skin Care Lait Nettoyant is thorough and gentle cleansing. It revives the skin's protective lipids. With YonKa Skin Care Lait Nettoyant the complexion is left soft and alive. This is also a great makeup remover. Use one application to remove makeup and cleanse the skin.

Major Active Ingredients & Actions: Borneol - antiseptic, brightens, whitens. Palm tree oil - emulsifies impurities to deep cleanse. Vegetal non-ionic and anionic emulsifiers - cleanses, emulsifies. AHA lactic and citric acids - gentle cell renewal.

YonKa Lait Nettoyant 6.8 oz $35.00 


YonKa Masque 105 3.5 oz

Key Benefits: With YonKa Masque 105 the pores are tightened and the skin's texture is refined. YonKa Masque 105 helps the skin take on a more youthful tone due to the elimination of excessive fluids and toxins. Impurities are eliminated. With YonKa Masque 105 even dry and sensitive skin can enjoy the firming and pore tightening benefits of a clay mask without the irritation, tightness and pulling as with other masks.

Major active ingredients & Actions: Montmorillonite (France) - increases circulation/oxygenation. Kaolin (China) - detoxifies, balances secretions. Bentonite (France) - tightens. Savory extract - calms and soothes redness clarifies. Lemon essential oil - tones and brightens.

YonKa Masque 105 3.5 oz $50.00


YonKa Hydratant 60 1.7 oz

Key Benefits: YonKa Hydratant 60 is an intensive moisture surge resulting in plumped skin cells and relaxed features. The complexion is left feeling soft, velvety and translucent. YonKa Hydratant 60 Addresses rehydration of the epidermis. It is an important step for anti-aging care.

Major active ingredients & Actions: Locust bean + water = gel - long-lasting hydration, soothes. Alginate - oligo-therapy: hydrates, clarifies and softens. Mallow extract - soothes and relaxes. Savory extract - rejuvenates, astringent. Wild Thyme essential oil - stimulates, asepticizes.

YonKa Hydratant 60 1.7 oz $40.00

YonKa Creme 11 1.4 oz

Key Benefits: YonKa Creme 11 desensitizes traumatized skin (sunburn, chapping due to cold, intense dehydration.) Yon Ka Creme 11 calms redness due to irritations. It Nourishes, revitalizes and re-hydrates. It also reinforces skin's recovery process.

Major active ingredients & Actions: Arnica - anti-inflammatory, venous tonic. White Nettle - improves tissue resistance. Horse Chestnut - vaso-tonic, clarifies. Wheat Germ Oil - nourishes, repairs minimizes cellular oxidation. Witch Hazel - decongests, venous tonic. Horsetail - regnerates. Althea - calms, heals. Matricaria - soothes, asepticizes.

YonKa Creme 11 1.4 oz $42.00


YonKa Phtyo 52 1.4 oz

Key Benefits: YonKa Phyto 52 is a deep tissue therapeutic night-time balm with powerful toning and facial contouring properties. YonKa Phyto 52 revives cellular function without a harsh, caustic action. It corrects excessive fluid pressure against the capillaries to maintain their health and integrity.

Major active ingredients & Actions: Rosemary 10% (essence and extract) - firms, detoxifies, oxygenates and decongests, strengthens capillaries drains excess fluids from tissues. Aloe - long-lasting water-binding capacity to intermediary and superficial layers of the epidermis, regenerates, soothes. Beech tree - enzymatic action to support healthy cell renewal. Hazelnut oil - balances lyposolvent action.

YonKa Phtyo 52 1.4 oz $64.00


YonKa Creme PS 1.7 oz

Features and Benefits: Yon Ka Creme PS Defeats dryness via a synergetic hydration-nourishing action. Endowed with the power of phyto nutrients to alleviate tightness and flakiness. Deep-penetrating cream that stimulates the skin's ability to repair. Provides a visible softening boost with amazingly smooth, velvety texture.

Key Ingredients: Wheat germ oil, retinol, lecithin (soybean), climbing ivy extract blended with vitamins E, F and Yon ka's pure aroma-scented composition of symbiotic essential oils.

YonKa Creme PS 1.7 oz $45.00


YonKA Creme PG 1.7 oz

Key Benefits: YonKa Creme PG is a day base restorative moisturizer that protects and hydrates as it regulates the over production of sebum. YonKa Creme PG has aromatic essences, humectants and emollients working synergistically to rebalance the hydrolipidic film and regulate breakout-causing bacteria. Yonka Creme PG stimulates the skin's ability to repair. The epidermis is balanced; it feels smooth and velvety with a matte finish.

Major active ingredients & Actions: Burdock root - anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, purifies. Climbing Ivy - strengthens capillaries, clarifies. Seropeptides (soy) - heals and hydrates. Complex of aromatic essential oils - oxygenates and repairs. Retinol (vitamin A acid) - activates cell renewal and it smoothes.

YonKA Creme PG 1.7 oz $45.00



YonKa Serum .5 oz

Key Benefits: YonKa Serum revives skin cells and expedites the removal of their biochemical processing from the tissues. This creates a healthier environment for skin cells and expands their longevity. Cellular and tissue respiration and oxygenation are enhanced and the skin takes on a rosy glow. YonKa Serum maintains proper balance of the hydrolipidic film.

Major Active Ingredients & Actions: Lavender - stimulates cell metabolism, antiseptic. Rosemary - detoxifies, heals. Thyme - important antiseptic film. Geranium - balances hydrolipidic film. Cypress - corrects tissue pressure, vaso-tonic, clarifies. Cereal Oils Synergy - nourishes, prevents peeling and oxidation. Vitamins E & F - nourishes, regenerates anti-free radicals.

YonKa Serum .5 oz $54.00


YonKa Mesonium 1 oz

YonKa Mesonium 1 & 2 is a supreme nourishing and anti-oxidant elixir to boost tired complexions associated with the aging process and change of seasons. YonKa Mesonium 1 & 2 offers spectacular healing results to counteract numerous skin traumas. YonKa Mesonium 1 & 2 is an important enzymatic action on cell regeneration that lasts weeks after the use of the product is complete.

Key Benefits: Reverses the signs of photo aging and effaces dull rough texture. The complexion is richly nurtured and miraculously brought back to life. Desensitizes and heals even the most delicate and driest of complexions. A wealth of anti-oxidant, cellular refurbishing vegetals. An ageless remedy of restructuring Provencal aromatic essences. Dramatically harnesses skin's youthfulness with serious smoothing. Scientific enzymatic action provides maximum results weeks after initial application.

Major Active Ingredients: Soy bean, beech buds embryos, sunflower and safflower oils, anti-oxidant vitamins, blended in a melange of organic essential oils.

YonKa Mesonium 1 oz $76.00



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